The Lights Book

The Lights

  • Author : Howard Korder
  • Publisher : Dramatists Play Service Inc
  • Release Date : 1994
  • Genre: Drama
  • Pages : 87
  • ISBN 10 : 0822214032
  • Total Read : 76
  • File Size : 13,9 Mb

The Lights Summary:

THE STORY: Lillian, a young clerk in a department store impulsively steals a watch from the store to replace the one, Frederic, her boyfriend, lost. Over the next 24 hours, both their lives twist and turn in ways they never expected. Lillian's guil

The Secret War Book

The Secret War

  • Author : J. H. Dixon
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Release Date : 2011-10-27
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 328
  • ISBN 10 : 1462057667
  • Total Read : 77
  • File Size : 16,5 Mb

The Secret War Summary:

It is 1962, and the US Army Special Forces is expanding to confront the communist challenge in Southeast Asia. Sergeant Jake Campbell has come a long way from the sharecropper’s house he grew up in near Nickelsville, Virginia. Just three years ago, he and a friend hitched a ride to Kingsport, Tennessee, and joined the army. Now he is headed for training camp in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, unaware that he is about to undergo the biggest challenge of his life. Campbell immediately immerses himself in the Special Forces training group, anxious to prove himself. He is expecting a tough road ahead lined with mental and physical challenges, but soon finds that he must also face bigotry and class discrimination. Regardless, Campbell persists through pain, sweat, and blood and soon earns a coveted spot with the Green Berets. Ordered on a mission with First Sergeant William Booth—a man who has no love for Campbell—to Laos to train Hmong soldiers to fight the CIA’s secret war, Campbell’s idealistic view of the world is turned upside down as he witnesses the ugly underbelly of unfettered power, corruption, and injustice. In this fast-paced, action-packed military thriller, one soldier must fight for his life in the steamy Vietnamese jungles amidst murder, conspiracy, and a superior who harbors a secret that, if revealed, will ruin him forever.

Smartass  Book


  • Author : Brian B. Kelly
  • Publisher : iBooks
  • Release Date : 2011-12
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : 340
  • ISBN 10 : 1596879343
  • Total Read : 96
  • File Size : 12,9 Mb

Smartass Summary:

"Smartass is a smart, sweet coming of age story, evocative of a half-forgotten America at the cusp of tectonic national-and generational-changes that still deeply resonate. Kelly's narrative and dialogue both crackle and continue to entice with each new work!" -Rory O'Connor, author of Nukespeak: The Selling of Nuclear Technology and Friends, Followers and the Future: How Social Media are Changing Politics, Threatening Big Brands, and Killing Traditional Media "Brian Kelly's "Smartass" promises us a wild horse ride in its opening lines and it delivers, but the book itself is more like a time machine that takes us to a vanished time in American life. For people of his generation it will be a bittersweet nostalgic journey and for the young it will reveal a time and place where not only could a black man never become president, he was often forbidden to eat at the same lunch counter as whites. It's important that the younger generation feels how close all that is in time and "Smartass," among other things, does just that." -Richard Lourie, author of Sakharov and The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin "With a black man in the White House, racial politics in America is alive and well. Brian Kelly's novel, Smartass takes us back to a time when America was just beginning to emerge from its nasty history of bigotry and hate. But more than a nostalgic trip down a not so rosy memory lane, the story is a reminder of how far we've come and how far we still have to go. Bravo." -Richard Stratton, author of Altered States of America Brian B. Kelly became the first person in Harvard's long history to complete the requirements for a BA in English while still a sophomore. After meeting requirements for a second major, he graduated from Harvard with honors in 1967. Smartass is his second book. Currently he is working on Commie Spy! The Life and Times of a Soviet Patriot From Brooklyn, a novel based on the life of his friend Joel Barr, the close friend of Julius Rosenberg. He lives in New

Black and White Arithmetic Book
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Black and White Arithmetic

  • Author : Denis Gray
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release Date : 2021-08-27
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 268
  • ISBN 10 : 9781664191983
  • Total Read : 93
  • File Size : 13,6 Mb

Black and White Arithmetic Summary:

Stanley T. Burns, a town bigot, witnesses the murder of a black man by a white man. The white man is Eddie Fulton, a local mechanic. At the time of the murder, Stanley T. Burns pledges loyalty to Eddie Fulton. A serial killer who’s now been set loose in the city of Summerville; who promises to kill all prominent black men. David Garcia, detective, and Mayor Eleanor Steele, mayor, will try their best to stop him. The letters mailed to the Summerville Journal, offer a vivid portrait of the killer’s psychological makeup. He makes no demands, but outlines relevant political issues as an American citizen that anger him. But the real tragedy to come down the road, is what Eddie Fulton does to Stanley T. Burns who remained loyal to him; who’d kept his silence during the gruesome murders.

Collecting and the Internet Book

Collecting and the Internet

  • Author : Susan Koppelman
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Release Date : 2014-10-01
  • Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Pages : 220
  • ISBN 10 : 9781476609171
  • Total Read : 87
  • File Size : 16,6 Mb

Collecting and the Internet Summary:

The Internet has had a profound effect on collecting—because of the Web, collectibles are now more readily available, collections more easily displayed for a wider audience, and collectors’ online communities are larger and often quite intimate. In addition, the Web has added new items to the pantheon of collectibles, including digital bits that, whether considered virtual or material, are nevertheless collectible. In this work, essays discuss the age-old habit of collecting and its modern relationship with the Internet. Topics include individually authored websites, online auctions, watches, eyewear, Kelly dolls, the gambler’s rush of online acquisition, mp3s, collecting friends via online social networking sites, and online museums, among others.

Get Beach Slapped Book

Get Beach Slapped

  • Author : Lisa Morgan
  • Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
  • Release Date : 2015-02-19
  • Genre: Humor
  • Pages : 204
  • ISBN 10 : 9781634173773
  • Total Read : 74
  • File Size : 10,6 Mb

Get Beach Slapped Summary:

Go on the ride of your life as the hilarious Lisa Morgan talks to you about anything and everything under the sun. She teaches you life lessons that she has learned from almost everyone who are near and dear to her—her husband, her mother, her father, her grandmothers, and even her missing aunt—and she provides you with in-your-face realizations about life, love, friendship, sense of self, laughter, relationships, faith, karma, and keeping it real. She takes her own everyday experiences—some good, some not so good, and some really bad—and relates them to useful advices that we can all use one time or another in our lives. Lisa holds nothing back as she writes with a passion about things and subjects that interest her, and she isn’t afraid to show what her true opinions are on certain issues. Partnered with her witty quips and laugh-out-loud one-liners peppered throughout the pages, this book will make you smile, laugh, cry, and nod your head in agreement.

Cayenne Heat Book

Cayenne Heat

  • Author : James Haydock
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Release Date : 2022-04-06
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 374
  • ISBN 10 : 9781665555739
  • Total Read : 70
  • File Size : 8,6 Mb

Cayenne Heat Summary:

Every person in France is fully aware that Bonheur means happiness and well-being. But how does a wretch convicted of a petty crime find happiness or even survival in a prison known for its inhumanity? That place robbed me of my youth, my teeth, and my peace of mind while instilling within me a fierce desire to escape. Though I planned each escape with great care, something always went wrong. Perhaps I was the sorry victim of a malicious destiny. If so, that mysterious force, was up against the resilience of the human spirit, its power to endure. More than a few times I survived soul-shattering solitary confinement to run as fast and as far as I could. I had little muscle compared to the hulking convicts in French Guiana, but we all know strength is not defined by muscle alone. My narrative speaks of desperate attempts to escape the oppressive heat, horror, and corruption of the prison colony the French called Bagne de Cayenne.