Avatar  The Last Airbender  The Official Cookbook Book

Avatar The Last Airbender The Official Cookbook

  • Author : Jenny Dorsey
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2021-11-23
  • Genre: Cooking
  • Pages : 65
  • ISBN 10 : 9781647223380
  • Total Read : 94
  • File Size : 7,5 Mb

Avatar The Last Airbender The Official Cookbook Summary:

"From the shores of Kyoshi Island to the crowded streets of Ba Sing Se, this official cookbook collects signature dishes from all four nations, like vegetarian plates of the Air Nomads, fiery entrees from the Fire Nation, seafood from the North and South Poles, and delectable cuisine from the Earth Kingdom"--Provided by publisher.

The Unofficial Avatar Cookbook Book

The Unofficial Avatar Cookbook

  • Author : Johny Bomer
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2021-08-11
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : 86
  • ISBN 10 : 9798454481445
  • Total Read : 98
  • File Size : 9,9 Mb

The Unofficial Avatar Cookbook Summary:

This cookbook is for Avatar lovers who enjoy savoring every meal. There are 30 different faulty meals in the cookbook, all with various flavors and textures. The majority of the recipes are simple to create and use widely available items. To fulfill your appetite, you can prepare any of these foods at any time of day or night. These recipes include all of a person's favorite flavors. You may easily prepare them for any of your special occasions at any time by following the instructions in this cookbook. Whether it's for a day trip or a beach holiday, you can bring any food you like. Each recipe has a two-line description that leads you through the finished dish so you can decide if it fully satisfies your hunger. These recipes have been tweaked to provide you with balanced nutrition and energy while including your favorite flavors and fragrances. These dishes may improve your mood while also keeping you healthy. They will nourish you by supplying you with all of the necessary flavors. Some of your favorite recipes in this book are following: Raava's Spirit Tea Pandora's antidote Aunt Wu's fried tofu puffs Thenthuk Noodle Soup Omashu Sliders Aang's egg custard tarts Monk Gyatso's Plum Pie And more! Grab this book today.

Avatar  The Last Airbender  Legacy of The Fire Nation Book

Avatar The Last Airbender Legacy of The Fire Nation

  • Author : Joshua Pruett
  • Publisher : Insight Editions
  • Release Date : 2020-02-04
  • Genre: Art
  • Pages : 64
  • ISBN 10 : 9781683833925
  • Total Read : 99
  • File Size : 18,6 Mb

Avatar The Last Airbender Legacy of The Fire Nation Summary:

In this new scrapbook Avatar: The Last Airbender’s beloved character Uncle Iroh shares his memories and mementos with Prince Zuko. In Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy of the Fire Nation, discover long-kept secrets carried by Uncle Iroh as he records his stories for Prince Zuko. Read letters from family, friends, and more in this special collection of mementos and keepsakes. Iroh has held many roles in his long life, including crown prince of the Fire Nation, mentor to Prince Zuko, and ally of Avatar Aang. In the peace following the end of the Hundred Year War, Iroh has compiled many thoughts, memories, artifacts, and stories from his long life to share with Prince Zuko. Filled with amazing removable mementos from Iroh, Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy of the Fire Nation presents an exclusive look into one of the series’ most-loved characters.

Adventure Time  The Official Cookbook Book

Adventure Time The Official Cookbook

  • Author : Jordan Grosser
  • Publisher : Insight Editions
  • Release Date : 2016-11-29
  • Genre: Performing Arts
  • Pages : 112
  • ISBN 10 : 9781608876433
  • Total Read : 62
  • File Size : 10,6 Mb

Adventure Time The Official Cookbook Summary:

Grab your friends and get cooking in the land of Ooo with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, featuring recipes from all your favorite characters and kingdoms. In the Founders’ Island Library, Finn discovered the remains of an old cookbook filled with dishes such as “lasagna” and “boiled eggs.” And he was pretty sure that the cookbook had belonged to his mom at some point. Weird. But a lot of the pages had been lost to the cruel sands of time. So Finn took it upon himself to fill up the book with as many crazy delicious food ideas as he could. And since that only filled around six pages, he recruited Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and the other citizens of Ooo to help complete the cookbook. There was pouring! There was mixing! There was a pasta-related Wizard Battle! Are you ready to feast your eyes and prepare your stomach for the most awesome, most delixious meals this side of the Candy Kingdom? Grab your friends and start cooking, Ooo-style, with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook.

Fallout  The Vault Dweller s Official Cookbook Book
Score: 5
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Fallout The Vault Dweller s Official Cookbook

  • Author : Victoria Rosenthal
  • Publisher : Insight Editions
  • Release Date : 2018-10-23
  • Genre: Games & Activities
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN 10 : 9781683833970
  • Total Read : 88
  • File Size : 9,9 Mb

Fallout The Vault Dweller s Official Cookbook Summary:

Craft your own glass of Nuka-Cola, a bowl of BlamCo Mac & Cheese, and more with the recipes in Fallout: The Official Cookbook. Based on the irradiated delicacies of the world of Bethesda Entertainment’s Fallout, this Vault-Tec–approved cookbook provides fans of the award-winning series with recipes inspired by their favorite Fallout foods. Whip up tasty versions of the Mirelurk egg omelette, throw some deathclaw meat on the grill, and re-create BlamCo Mac & Cheese with Fallout: The Official Cookbook.

Cook Anime Book

Cook Anime

  • Author : Diana Ault
  • Publisher : Tiller Press
  • Release Date : 2020-09-01
  • Genre: Cooking
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN 10 : 9781982143916
  • Total Read : 90
  • File Size : 10,7 Mb

Cook Anime Summary:

Learn to recreate delicious dishes referenced in over 500 of your favorite anime series with this practical guide to anime food. Japanese animation has beautiful designs, fleshed out characters, and engaging storylines—and it’s also overflowing with so many scrumptiously rendered meals. Do you ever watch your favorite anime series and start craving the takoyaki or the warmth of delicious ramen or the fluffy sweetness of mochi? Now, you can make your cravings a reality with Cook Anime! Join an otaku on her tour through anime food and find out what your favorite characters are savoring and sharing and then learn to make it at home! Including: -Miso Chashu Ramen from Naruto -Rice Porridge from Princess Mononoke -Onigiri from Fruits Basket -Taiyaki from My Hero Academia -Hanami Dango from Clannad -Rice from Haikyuu!! -And many more! Along with each recipe, you will discover facts behind the food, such as history, culture, tips, and more. A perfect gift for foodies and otaku alike, Cook Anime is the all-inclusive guide to making the meals of this Japanese art form.

Avatar  The Last Airbender  Legacy Book
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Avatar The Last Airbender Legacy

  • Author : Michael Teitelbaum
  • Publisher : Insight Editions
  • Release Date : 2015-10-13
  • Genre: Performing Arts
  • Pages : 64
  • ISBN 10 : 1608874478
  • Total Read : 96
  • File Size : 10,5 Mb

Avatar The Last Airbender Legacy Summary:

Aang, the much-loved hero of Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, takes readers on an exciting and interactive journey through his thrilling world. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. These are the four nations that lived in harmony until the Fire Nation attacked. For the next hundred years, war raged across the globe. It was believed that all inhabitants from the Air Nation had perished. Then, a girl and her brother discovered a twelve-year-old boy frozen in an iceberg. His name: Aang. He is the Avatar, the master of all four elements. Together Aang and his friends went on to save the world! Now a man, Aang looks back on these adventurous years—from being found in the ice to fighting epic battles to negotiating peace. This is Aang’s story, his mementos, and keepsakes. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy is the collection that Aang passes down to his son Tenzin, who will one day be a master Airbender, too. Readers will relish Aang’s heroic tales and the posters, clippings, cards, and maps he gathered along the way! About the Insight Legends series Insight Legends is a collectible pop culture library featuring books that take an in-depth look at iconic characters and other elements from the worlds of comics, movies, television, and video games. Packed with amazing removable items that give the books an immersive, interactive feel, the series delivers unparalleled insight into the best-loved heroes and villains in modern fiction and the worlds they inhabit

The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook Book

The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook

  • Author : Laurel Randolph
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2021-08-03
  • Genre: Cooking
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN 10 : 9781507215890
  • Total Read : 96
  • File Size : 11,7 Mb

The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook Summary:

Turn your favorite cartoon food into reality with these 70 recipes straight from the best comedy show on TV—The Simpsons. Everyone knows and loves The Simpsons. Now you can make the food you’ve seen in the show for thirty-one seasons right in the comfort of your own home faster than you can say, “Mmm...Donuts.” Over the years, Simpsons episodes have featured, and sometimes revolved, around countless food items. Thanks to Homer Simpson’s unending appetite and a writers’ room full of food lovers, the show has a long list of truly iconic dishes. From Chief Wiggum’s Chili to the Flaming Moe (a.k.a. Flaming Homer) to Super Squishees to Krusty Burgers, you’ll find all those recipes and more in The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook. Featuring 70 recipes that include many of the most classic Simpsons dishes, this cookbook includes easy-to-follow instructions for chefs of all ages and levels. Finally, you can make all your favorite meals straight from Marge’s kitchen in no time!